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Smarter Dogs Love WizSmart! 

Following the round of apaws for our original WizSmart pad (WizSmart Ultra), we're excited to announce the availability of our comprehensive line of dog and puppy pee pad solutions! What distinguishes WizSmart from the rest of the pack is the pad's unique blend of materials, including eucalyptus fiber, which creates a superior absorption and quick drying surface when compared to other brands. The addition of lateral barriers and strong sealed edges ensure no leaking or spill-over, while our four Patented “Stay Put” tabs secure the pad to the floor. These tabs also let you place the pad at a 90-degree angle on the wall to provide a male dog solution. 

And did we mention eco-friendly?  Instead of ending up in a landfill, we repurpose more than 120 million unused diapers every year for use as materials in our super absorbent blend.  Learn more below to select which solution is right for you and your four legged friend.

WizSmart® Super


wizsmart-super-angled-50-14A perfect dog and puppy pee pad choice for small to medium size dogs and for the indoor/outdoor dog.

  • Lighter weight than the WizSmart Ultra
  • Absorbency up to 5 cups
  • Available in 50 and 14 count packs

Learn More About  WizSmart Super Dog Pads

WizSmart® Ultra 


wizsmart-premium-dog-pads-ultraThe original WizSmart pad is the most absorbent, eco-friendly and efficient pad on the market. *New Packaging Debuting January 2019

  • Functional up to 24 hours 
  • Absorbency up to 8 cups
  • Available in 30 count bags

Learn More About  WizSmart Ultra Dog Pads

WizSmart® Ultra XL


wizsmart-premium-dog-pads-xlGreat for larger dogs, use by multiple dogs, dogs who tend to miss the pad or those living with incontinence.   

  • 43% larger than the regular Ultra
  • Absorbency up to 10 cups 
  • Available in 14 count bags 

Learn More About  WizSmart Ultra XL Dog Pads