Dog Rescues and Breeders

Helping Dogs Transition to a New Home

While it’s a personal choice as to whether pet owners purchase a dog from a breeder or adopt from an animal rescue organization, in both scenarios the new pet parent is responsible for transitioning their four legged friend to their new home, and that’s where we can help.

Working Together Towards Successful Home Transitions

We love dogs and love working with professionals that care for our fur friends. Like you, we hope that every pet owner takes the time and consideration to successfully integrate their dog into its new home environment. We understand that not every new home turns out to be Fido’s forever home, but by supplying pet parents with basic knowledge and essentials, we hope that we can make an impact on the number of successful transitions.

Providing Essentials to the New Pet Parent

Among covering all of the basic feeding, walking, sleeping and playing needs of a new dog are the training needs. Housetraining can be a major source of frustration for new parents and the last thing we want is for an owner to give up on Fido out of frustration. That’s why we’re supporting new pet parents with our WizSmart dog pee pads, to help increase the rate of housetraining success and lessen the frustration of new parents.

Smarter Training, Smarter Living, Smarter Traveling

Pet parents have numerous options when it comes to selecting pee pads for dogs, but the new pet owner may not know that many dog pads don't absorb much, some leak and some don’t dry fast enough to avoid unpleasant odors. Using an inferior pee pad, parents are much more likely to get frustrated. But WizSmart pads combine a unique formula and exclusive blend of materials to provide superior absorption, a quick drying surface for extended use and Stay Put Tabs that ensure the pad stays in place, even when placed at a 90° angle for use as a male dog pad solution. With WizSmart dog pads, pet parents can benefit from smarter training, smarter living and when they hit the road with Fido, smarter traveling.

Sending Fido Home Set Up for Success

Let’s work together to set up new pet parents for success and securing Fido’s forever home! If every dog went home with a pack of WizSmart pads, we know that pet parents and their dogs would benefit from sharing a cleaner, healthier home during the transition and beyond. To help you set up your new pet parents for success, we can offer attractive pricing on our WizSmart pads as well as free samples.