For Distributors

Driving Retail Traffic & Sales with WizSmart Wholesale Dog Pads

A Dog Pad that Really Works & Customers Love It!

Our innovative dog pad technology and design provides for true differentiation in a crowded, commoditized category. After years of experimenting, testing and tweaking, and more than 300 million dog and puppy pads sold, we have hundreds of thousands of customers and well-trained, confident pets using our super absorbent dog wee pads with Patented Stay Put Tabs. Tested for performance and quality of the highest standard by SGS/IPS Testing, the world’s leading inspection and testing company, we've established a presence in the Northeast and our objective is nation-wide coverage, targeting the diverse needs of both pet parents and professionals. Our dog and puppy pads can help drive sales and revenue while satisfying an underserved niche in the marketplace.

Minimizing Fulfillment Costs  

We offer a premium brand of pee pads for dogs at a competitive price. Based on our expertise in managing large-scale manufacturing, complex logistics and international shipping, we have created a reliable infrastructure in North America to make sure we keep the cost of stocking and fulfilling our product as low as possible so that you can enjoy the highest possible profit margins.

Making a Scalable Investment  

We've been working with wholesale distributors since we started 10 years ago and we know that profitability is key to developing a long-lasting relationship. While the Petix brand is new to North America and we’re currently focused on our WizSmart dog pads, Petix in Brazil has a large portfolio of dog and pet care products. Having sold more than 300 million dog pads in Brazil and gaining a 40% market share, we look forward to launching our larger product portfolio in North America and experiencing the same success with our distributor and retail partnerships.

Supporting Your Retail Customers

It wouldn’t be a partnership if we stopped at supplying inventory to you for distribution. In fact, it’s just the beginning. Once our product ships and is stocked on the shelves, we kick it into high gear to provide your customers with the marketing support needed to drive consumer sales. From a retailer onboarding kit to onsite sampling and training, to social media engagement and promotion on our website, we’re dedicated to seeing the success of our product and your customers.