Testing WizSmart Dog Pads

Think Like a Dog

Even though WizSmart dog pads have been tested for performance and quality of the highest standard by SGS, the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company, we know that pet parents love to hear about first-hand experiences from real people!

To accurately test a WizSmart pad, it’s important that you think like a dog. We have done thousands of tests in our own laboratory, and this is how we and independent testing professionals figured out how to do it: 

Typical Dog Behavior

  • A typical dog urinates once every four to six hours, this varying a lot given the age, size, sex and overall health of the dog. Puppies urinate more frequently, going every two hours or so.
  • Dogs like to go in the same general area but in different spots each time they go. They don’t go back to the same exact spot.
  • Some male dogs like to lift their leg.

How the Professionals did it

  • There are many ways of measuring absorption and our testers did a number of different tests.
  • The first test involves pouring 2/3 of a cup in one spot and observe how the liquid is absorbed, and how it spreads out on the pad, and how quickly it dries. Our testers would time and measure this for many different pad. For you, it’s probably more relevant to observe how WizSmart compares to other brands you are using or are familiar with.
  • They also tested for saturation, by saturating the pad as a dog naturally would, by pouring one 1 cup of liquid in one spot at a time, waiting 60 seconds, then pouring another cup in a different area of the pad.

> Checkout our videos to see how we performed the test  

We asked pet parents what makes a good dog pad. Their answer: how much and how fast the pad absorbs. They looked at how the liquid spreads out, if it leaks around the edges, how quickly it dries and if the pad gets wet underneath. The result? WizSmart pads absorb more than twice the average, twice as fast. And the wicking area is less than half the average size. Still not convinced? Request a sample and put our pad to the test! 

Thanks for testing our WizSmart pads!  We can't wait to hear about your pawesome experience!