Super Absorbent Dog Pads

A Cleaner Dog Makes a Cleaner Home

The formula behind WizSmart Super Absorbent dog pee pads is a unique blend of materials that makes for superior absorption and quick drying so dogs’ paws stay dry. We found inspiration in the baby diaper market, and thought why not make a pad that behaves like a high-end diaper? From that “aha!” moment was born our unique blend of materials—a mix of virgin fibers and material from unused, reclaimed baby-diapers that achieves superior absorption.

one pad lasts 24 hours  

The best dog pads have to be able to hold everything your pet has to offer and in our case, WizSmart pads can hold up to 10 cups. Given the unique blend of our pads' materials and the quick drying surface, your dog can comfortably use the same pad all day while keeping his paws dry.

For small to medium size dogs and for the indoor/outdoor dog, the lighter weight WizSmart Super holds up to 5 cups, while the WizSmart Ultra can absorb up to 8 cups. Need a pad for a larger dog, use by multiple dogs, dogs who tend to miss the pad or those living with incontinence? The WizSmart Ultra XL is 43% larger than the regular Ultra and holds up to 10 cups. 

No leaks so floors stay dry

Who likes messy cleanups? WizSmart's lateral barriers and strong sealed edges ensure no leaking or spill-over, keeping your house clean and floors protected. But don't take it from us, see how our pee pads stack up against other leading brands

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