Dog Pads for the Male Dog

Making it easy for your dog to be himself

A male dog lifts his leg when urinating in order to send a signal that he’s marking his territory. So it’s no wonder that when given an indoor potty option (wee wee pad), your male dog may naturally want to continue this practice of lifting his leg. Unfortunately for you, his 3-legged stance most likely means he’s missing the intended target and hitting your wall instead.

A wee wee Pad that Allows Your Dog to Be Himself  

With standard dog pee pads, the pad’s surface is restricted to a flat area on the floor, providing no target when your male dog lifts his leg and encouraging him to squat rather than use his 3-legged stance. However with WizSmart dog pads, you can secure the pad to the floor and the wall at a 90° angle, creating a perfectly placed target for your dog. With coverage both on the floor and wall, you make it easy for your male dog to be himself, both indoors and out, while taking the guesswork out of how to potty train a male dog. 

Stay Put Tabs Keep the Dog Pad in Place

The four patented stay put tabs make sure the pad stays where you put it. When your dog is ready, the pad stays still, so there’s no moving target and no unpleasant surprises to clean-up. Setting your male dog up for success and allowing him to forego the unecesssary squatting gives him something to feel good about while providing you with peace of mind.