Eco Friendly Dog Pads

A Smart Choice for Your Dog and the Planet

WizSicon-eco-friendly.pngmart pads transform more than 120 million unused diapers each year into super absorbent dog pee pads, benefiting your dog and the earth, while helping you to feel good about supporting sustainable initiatives. 

less waste and support For sustainable practices 
Keeping unused diapers from hitting the landfill, we repurpose them into materials that create the super absorbent blend used in our pads. The materials are combined with Eucapet fiber (made from eucalyptus), which is great because the renewal cycle for eucalyptus trees is around 6-7 years. This cycle is much faster than that of trees normally used in pulp manufacturing, making it a more sustainable fiber. And if you need more reasons to feel good about joining the WizSmart Pack...Eucapet is grown by companies committed to Certified Responsible Forestry, making WizSmart a smart choice for you and our planet!

Super Absorbent dog pads for ultimate floor protection

Most wee wee pads really don’t absorb much, which leads to leaks, dirty floors and wet paws, and who wants to deal with that? But because of our unique blend of materials, WizSmart pads behave more like a high-end diaper to achieve superior absorption and a fast drying surface. Add in thick lateral barriers and strong sealed edges, and you've got the best leak proof dog pad to protect your floor and keep paws dry. 

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