A Dog Pad with Adhesive Strips

Stay Put Tabs Eliminate the Extra Mess

Wouldn't you agree that the best dog pee pads stay in place so there’s no unpleasant surprises for you to clean-up? That's exactly what the patented Stay Put Tabs on our WizSmart pads do, making sure the pad stays where you put it every time your dog or puppy is ready to go!

delivering Peace of Mind while you're away

When the parent is away, the dog will play! And no one wants to come home to a used dog pad that has been dragged around the house, shredded or used as a chew toy. With WizSmart's stay put adhesive tabs, you can secure the wee wee pad in place and have the peace of mind that it will stay where you put it. No moving target and no unpleasant surprises to clean-up means you can return to a cleaner home.  

The only Dog Pad for boy Dogs

With standard dog pee pads, the pad’s surface is restricted to a flat area on the floor, providing no target when your male dog lifts his leg and encouraging him to squat rather than use his 3-legged stance. But by using a dog pad with adhesive strips, you can secure the pad both to the floor and the wall at a 90° angle, creating a perfectly placed target for your male dog. 

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